Thursday, 27 March 2008

crafts 2.0 : the 90-9-1 rule

Jacob Neilson cites a commonly held web 2.0 'rule' which states that 1% of users will create content, 10% will interact with the content and the remaining 89% will view the material. Neilson continues to say that the phenomenon of participation inequality comes from studies by Will Hill in the early '90s.

I would like to know if this holds out for knitting blogs? Of the knitters I know, the majority have blogs.

Informal observations make me believe that there are many reasons why people blog: some want a blog to 'show and tell' their progress, others want to share their knoweldge and distribute their patterns, others talk about a network effect - having a blog gives a knitter authenticity and is a pre-cursor to being able to participate in online knitting 'swaps'.

Some blogs have many posts, they appear to provide a supportive framework for knitters. Some arouse controversy, but many more seem to be focused on helping and inspiring people and looking for peer-to-peer support and approval.

Does such a rule also apply in this environment?

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