Sunday, 3 March 2013

digital art : 'fail fast-fail often' sketching

feet - quick sketch

A short post this week, necessitated by two weeks of colds, teething and not much sleep.

I should say that as someone who needs a good seven hours sleep a night to be on top of things, I seem to have been surprisingly busy these past two weeks despite my relative sleep deprivation. It's just finding that extra time to reflect, photograph and blog about them that has eluded me.

Although I have had no more than five minutes a day, I have mostly kept up with drawing daily on my iPad. I have actually enjoyed these quick sketches of whatever I can see before me - in essence it has been a couple of weeks of warm up exercises. There is something of the 'fail fast - fail often' philosophy behind it. I have arguably experimented more, and developed more, than I would if I had more time at my disposal.

dinosaur - quick sketch

And I have embarked on a few craft related endeavours too - including finishing sewing a 'cheats' pair of jeans (which have worn so much I realise I now need to make a couple more pairs).

I have also finished sewing a couple of baby bibs which I recently found lurking in a draw from way-back-when #1 son was a baby. And I have started cutting fabric for a jersey top for me.

All these things are itching to be blogged about... I just need to catch up on my sleeping backlog first!

And other exciting things for the near future are trying out my brand new overlocker (roll on birthday!) and setting up my profile for the wonderful Kollabora craft site. And that's not to mention the excellent articles I have read rcently and the inspiring and thought provoking books I have started too.