Saturday, 23 February 2008

digital crafts : digital codes/digital mofits


People in my office at work have have been looking into qr codes/data matrix/etc... these are essentially 2d barcodes - short messages stored in a grid of squares.

There are instant resonances between these and quilts and the previous mentioned article on Digital Crafts.

Online code generators can be found in many places. E.g.

The codes are in many ways like a small knitting pattern and one company Office Lendorff already produces qr code knitted scarfs

Since I heard of these codes, I have noticed them in so many places. I love the idea that there are secret messages all around me, just waiting to be decoded.

[aside: ... code readers can be downloaded for many digital camera phones, but there are several different standards for these codes and i have been, as yet, unable to find a universal code-reader for my phone]

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