Thursday, 31 January 2013

crafting for gadgets : cross-stitch iPhone cases

cross-stitch iPhone case with thread

This week I discovered the wonderful cross stitch iPhone cases by Leese Design, via the DesignSponge blog.

I love the way they are both digital and craft digital and craft in an obvious, yet somehow unexpected, way.

These covers resonate with the craze for knitted iPhone covers some years back. Yet this, to me, suggests a slicker, cleaner, more crafted/less home-made approach that complement the elegant technology.

cross-stitched iPhone case

These cases are only available at Purl Soho in the USA, but there appear to be other similar cross-stitch cases for sale in UK. Traditional cross stitch, 8 bit computer graphics design or a crafted representation of computer code… I'm not sure which I would choose, but fortunately the PurlBee blog has some inspiring examples of finished cross-stitched cases.


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