Saturday, 2 February 2008

notebook : ideas to explore

I have had many thoughts of topics I would like to explore in this blog...

- Why I craft
- The cyclical nature of craft's popularity
- Knitting & craft blogs I read and admire
- Ravelry knitting community
- The Hobby Princess blog
- Open source crafting & the economics of copyright and growth
- Relevant academic journals
- What knitting meant to me as a young child... as a teenager... & what it means to me now
- Knitting during the World Wars
- Knitting 'geeks'
- Knitting to be different... knitting to be cool
- Craft manifestos
- Crafting without community
- Men who craft
- Craft and knowledge... craft and thinking
- The language of knitting... the language of software
- Knitting patterns & software code
- Digitally crafting
- The popularity of knitting blogs

So many things...

I intend for this blog to impose some order on my developing ideas.

Some may be deadends, others may lead to more. I shall only find out by testing them out.

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