Saturday, 2 February 2008

book : zeros + ones digital women + the new technoculture

I have just started reading the book Zeros + Ones by Sadie Plant, as recommended to me by one of my course tutors.

Will this book help me understand the resonance between women and the digital?


As a female software developer, I felt excluded from the digital culture I was working in...

Will this book hep me understand why this was the case?

The chapters I have read so far on on Ada Lovelace are intruiging.

She appears to be a precocious genius - perspicacious, confident yet difficult.

I am left with more questions… and a desire to find out more of what she was like as a person.

[aside: Ada Lovelace makes me think of another headstrong Ada - albeit a fictional one- from Nabokov’s beautiful 'Ada or Ardor']

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